Swim & Tennis Club

  • $99 Family Pool & Tennis

Bonded vs Annual

Purchase a bond with a one-time payment of $350.  With a bonded membership you pay a lower seasonal dues rate than the rate paid by annual members. Given the discounted rate, bonded memberships pay for themselves in less than 5 years, and the discounted rate continues every year.

Bonded members have voting privileges within the club.

Annual members do not have voting privileges within the club and do not pay the one-time bond fee.

Family vs Single

Family membership shall be extended to all persons in a household who qualify as dependents of the dues paying member under Federal Income Tax rules. Membership may also be extended to not more than two non-dependant family members living permanently in the same household. Additional persons with legal residence in the household may use the Club's facilities by paying normal guest fees or, upon written explaination to and permission from the Board of Directors, by paying a season guest fee for each such person. The season guest fee for 2016 is $120.

Single membership is defined as a single person household with no dependents as defined under Federal Income Tax rules, and does not extend to non-dependent family members living permanently in the same household.

  • Daily Individual Guest Fee $5
  • Weekly Individual Guest Fee $20
  • Weekly Family Guest Fee $50
  • ​Season Individual Guest Fee $120


Although less expensive than the other memberships, the tennis only membership requires the purchase of a one-time $350 bond.  This type of membership only allows access to our lighted tennis courts. It is designed for those who play tennis, but do not want to use our pool facilities.

Memberships are available for the 2016 season. For over 50 years, Twin Farms has welcomed new members. Our facility is nestled in a quiet area surrounded by mature trees that provide a comfortable atmosphere even on the hottest of summer days. If you have any questions, please contact Ralph Buonomo at ralphbuonomo@yahoo.com.


Rates apply to those of age 60 and over by Labor Day 2016. When registering for a senior rate, you must send a copy of your driver’s license or alternate ID. Only one individual of a married couple must be age 60 to qualify. This discount is for senior citizen households only. It does not apply to younger families having a senior living with them.

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Guest of Member Rates

Note: Bonded members pay a one-time $350 fee with their membership registration.